Counseling Services

Women’s Health Center

Per their website: “A professional counselor is available to patients, at no additional charge, during their visit to our facility to receive abortion services. Counseling is optional for most women and does not increase the length of stay at the facility.”

All-Options: Pregnancy Counseling

If you’re undecided, All-Options can help you sort through your pregnancy options. All-Options’ information is unbiased, accurate, and guilt-free. You can obtain counseling, information, and references, whether you’re thinking about keeping the pregnancy, adoption, or abortion. You can visit their website, or call their toll-free talkline: 1-888-493-0092 (Hours: M-F 10-1am, Sa-Su 10-6).

They also have a service called Faith Aloud, which is a non-denominational clergy counseling program that can help you sort through your spiritual concerns. Faith Aloud’s counselors are trained and come from a variety of faiths: Roman Catholic, Jewish, Unitarian-Universalist, Protestant Christian, and Buddhist. Persons of no particular religious faith are equally welcome to call. Their toll-free number is 1-888-717-5010.


After-abortion talkline: 1-866-4-EXHALE
(Hours: M-F: 2–7pm, Sa-Su: 9am–7pm)